Having an elective c section here’s what to pack in your hospital bag

For before the C section

– Phone 

– IPod 

– Tablet 

– Camera

– Books/magazines 

– Maternity notes 
For your birth partner 

– Snacks and drinks 

– Phone 

– Bank card in case they go off to shops 

– Change of top in case baby is sick 
For after baby is born 

– Several pairs of high waisted knickers as    these won’t rub your c section scar 

– Maternity pads as you may still get some bleeding I’d get some disposable maternity knickers too

– Face wipes to help you feel refreshed 

– Three night dresses/ maternity tops 

– Dressing gown 

– Nursing bras 

– Breast pads 

– Slippers or flip flops something that you don’t have to bend to put on 

– Lip balm 

– Flavoured water 

– Moisturiser as the hospital can make your skin dry 

– Wash bag with toiletries

– Comfy loose clothing 

– Nursing pillow helps make breast feeding easier and more comfortable as you can’t support baby sat straight up to start with

– Phone and charger 

– Eye mask to help you sleep on the ward 
For the baby 

– 10/15 sleep suits and vests 

– Nappies I recommend a big pack as with my first my OH had to go home and get more on the second day

– Muslin squares and bibs

– Socks three pairs 

– Couple of hats 

– Two outfits for trip home as once I got my son into one of his he vomited all over it

– Jacket or snowsuit for winter babies/ cardigan for summer babies as you may not be discharged until the evening 

– Baby blanket 

– Car seat

Please feel free to comment with anything I have missed or something that you found useful to have. 


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