10 Signs you have Children

  1. Toys, toys and more toys…. always treading on them trying not to swear in front of the kids. Or when they have gone to bed and you set off a noisy musical vibrating sensory ball and you are rushing to turn it off so you don’t wake the kids but cannot for the life of you find the off switch!
  2. Sticky hand prints… everywhere, and I mean everywhere… doors, windows, tables, phone, tv, sofa. Nowhere is safe from sticky mits!
  3. Stair gates, yes I trip over them, shut my fingers in them and stub my toes on the bar across the bottom.
  4. Piles of washing, its never ending!
  5. Crumbs from my toddler, if I lose him at least I know I’ll be able to follow the trail of crumbs around the house until I find him!
  6. Baby proofed plugs, table corners…. the things we do to keep our littles ones safe.
  7. Nappies… everywhere and to hand, bathroom, lounge on my bed!
  8. Baby wipes, now used for so many things!
  9. Snacks always on hand!
  10. lounge looks more like a play room, there is no escaping kids lol!



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