The dummy debate

Deciding whether to give your baby a dummy, still remains a highly debated topic.

There are good reasons both for and against, it mostly comes down to parents’ choice.

Here’s some pros and cons:


Aside from some peace and quiet other pros include

  • Giving your baby a dummy at bed/nap times can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) this is according to the Department of Health.
  • Can help a baby self soothe. And is often a source of comfort during times of crying and colic.
  • A dummy can satisfy the suck reflex
  • Easier weaning a baby off a dummy than their thumb.


  • If a dummy is in introduced to early it can cause nipple confusion if you are breastfeeding. Experts advise to give baby a dummy once breastfeeding is well established usually around 1 month.
  • Can mistakenly give dummy instead of milk/nutrition
  • Use for long periods can cause problems as teeth grow and develop
  • Can hinder speech development, limit the times of use and wean off completely by the age of 1 is recommended.

I will be posting on how to wean a baby off their dummy soon, I am currently undertaking this process with my 1 year old.


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