Daily Rituals

2017-11-09 15.16.21


So aside from the usual mummy stuff with 2 babies I have a few things I like to do that make me feel like me, and not just a mum!

1. Opening my diary and having a look through my to-do list morning and night. It feels awesome at the end of the say when the kids are in bed checking stuff off. If I got more than two things checked off I know its been a successful day!

2. My morning and evening coffee, this is 20 minutes of pure me time, no interruptions (ok that’s pushing it maybe a couple!) Just sitting in my space thinking and sipping coffee!

3. Climbing into bed and flicking through my social media pages to see what peeps have been up to, I usually plan my blog posts too. Again this helps me relax and clear my mind, if I can get my thoughts out onto paper I can sleep easier.


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