Why my relationship fizzled post baby

So having a baby changes your life in so many ways, and your relationship with your other half does not escape these changes, from sleepless nights, lack of date nights and a small person who always seems to be between you both, it is easy to see how maintaining a good relationship often gets put on the back burners. Not much changed between Nick and I after our son was born, we still had time for us as a couple, I think the only thing that changed drastically was our date nights, they became less going out for a nice … Continue reading Why my relationship fizzled post baby

Our favourite family meals

As a family it is so much easier if our babies can eat what we are eating, so here are some baby friendly meals that the whole family can eat! Chilli con crane – we take the kids portions out before we add the chilli! Sebastian (16 months) eats it as it is with a spoon, and we blitz Ophelia’s (7 months) up a little. Jacket Potato with cheese and beans or tuna mayo and sweet corn… Sebastian eats his just chopped up with a spoon and we blitz Ophelia’s up a little. Spaghetti Carbonara or spaghetti boplognese – Both … Continue reading Our favourite family meals

Futile Dreams of a Mums Day Off!

Days off for me as a mummy to two under two at the moment are few and far between, and even when I do get one of these rare days off, most of the time they go a bit ‘pete tong’! Take my last supposed ‘day off’ for example. I had made so many plans… nails, a little retail therapy a nice HOT coffee in a cafe uninterrupted. I even planned to take a nice hot bath when I got home while Nick did bedtime routine, and then perhaps a gin or two! These plans sounded great! So we all … Continue reading Futile Dreams of a Mums Day Off!

The Bee’s Knees Journal

  Kelly, who you can find over on Instagram @the_bees_knees.co (https://www.instagram.com/the_bees_knees.co/) has created this amazing Happiness Journal, it is absolutely stunning and great for a moment or two of mindfulness each day. The journal is not dated so you can start this at any time in the year, and she has designed it so that you colour it in. This journal really helps you sit back and reflect on the day, it also identifies areas of your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being that need some TLC. Really great for busy mums who are always on the go and who … Continue reading The Bee’s Knees Journal

Pet Spotlight – my fur babies!

I post on Instagram (https://linktr.ee/jharri2225) a lot about my two fur babies but I have never introduced them on the blog, and as they are a massive part of this crazy family I feel they need some recognition.   First up we have Aslan…. hunter extraordinaire, snugly, and the most loving cat I have ever had! He was born on the 4th November 2015 and we got him when he was just 8 weeks old. Being a tabby he is very much the hunter of the family and spends most of the time patrolling his territory, annoying the local dogs … Continue reading Pet Spotlight – my fur babies!