Why my relationship fizzled post baby

So having a baby changes your life in so many ways, and your relationship with your other half does not escape these changes, from sleepless nights, lack of date nights and a small person who always seems to be between you both, it is easy to see how maintaining a good relationship often gets put on the back burners. Not much changed between Nick and I after our son was born, we still had time for us as a couple, I think the only thing that changed drastically was our date nights, they became less going out for a nice … Continue reading Why my relationship fizzled post baby

Our favourite family meals

As a family it is so much easier if our babies can eat what we are eating, so here are some baby friendly meals that the whole family can eat! Chilli con crane – we take the kids portions out before we add the chilli! Sebastian (16 months) eats it as it is with a spoon, and we blitz Ophelia’s (7 months) up a little. Jacket Potato with cheese and beans or tuna mayo and sweet corn… Sebastian eats his just chopped up with a spoon and we blitz Ophelia’s up a little. Spaghetti Carbonara or spaghetti boplognese – Both … Continue reading Our favourite family meals

Futile Dreams of a Mums Day Off!

Days off for me as a mummy to two under two at the moment are few and far between, and even when I do get one of these rare days off, most of the time they go a bit ‘pete tong’! Take my last supposed ‘day off’ for example. I had made so many plans… nails, a little retail therapy a nice HOT coffee in a cafe uninterrupted. I even planned to take a nice hot bath when I got home while Nick did bedtime routine, and then perhaps a gin or two! These plans sounded great! So we all … Continue reading Futile Dreams of a Mums Day Off!

A Grandparents perspective

Just want to say a huge thank you to my mum for writing this guest post for me on her perspective as a first time grandparent. Your advice and support has been invaluable to Nick and I over the last two years, and I honestly don’t know what we would have done without your wonderful listening ears and wealth of parenting knowledge and knowing what your parents said and did when you had your three daughters!   Guest Post – My Mum’s Perspective as a Grandparent When your babies grow to young adults and your hair starts to turn grey … Continue reading A Grandparents perspective

My Emergency Car Kit

Have you ever found yourself out and about with the car parked up and realise you forgot an essential baby item in your changing bag….. Yes that’s me very often, normally due to rushing about trying to get 2 babies under 2 out of the door and in the car before they start whining because they know we are going out. Well I decide to put an end to that…. And yes I still forget to put things in the changing bag but with my emergency car kit I know its always there if I really need it! Whatโ€™s in … Continue reading My Emergency Car Kit