How Not to lose your shit as a stay-at-home parent

Evening everyone, so after a year and a half, and two babies later I’m pretty deep into this parenting thing-a-ma-jig, so I thought I’d write a short post on how not to lose your shit, if like me your a stay-at-home parent. Don’t get me wrong in the last year and a half I’ve lost my shit a handful of times (actually more than I care to count), and you will probably still lose your shit too sometimes, but I’m hoping that these 6 tips will keep you from losing your shit every day!   Alcohol, especially Gin has become … Continue reading How Not to lose your shit as a stay-at-home parent

Staying healthy as a busy mum

The season of germs is here and as a parent, it’s definitely important that we do our best to stay healthy. We have an important job and choosing a healthy life is important. I’ve been through the trenches as a mother when I’ve given so much that I’ve absolutely exhausted myself mentally and physically.    So here are some simple tips to stay healthy as a busy mum.   Taking care of yourself can be as simple as making sure you eat well. Sometimes because we are so busy with the kids we forget to focus on our own nutrition. I … Continue reading Staying healthy as a busy mum