How Not to lose your shit as a stay-at-home parent

Evening everyone, so after a year and a half, and two babies later I’m pretty deep into this parenting thing-a-ma-jig, so I thought I’d write a short post on how not to lose your shit, if like me your a stay-at-home parent. Don’t get me wrong in the last year and a half I’ve lost my shit a handful of times (actually more than I care to count), and you will probably still lose your shit too sometimes, but I’m hoping that these 6 tips will keep you from losing your shit every day!   Alcohol, especially Gin has become … Continue reading How Not to lose your shit as a stay-at-home parent

5 Tips for Doing Laundry Quicker with Kids

So, when it was just my other half and I we probably only put the washing machine on once a week and only had two loads of washing, whites and dark’s! Now we have two babies and I must have been doing between two and four loads each bloody day. No, that was far to much time spent doing laundry, so I thought, what the hell can make this easier for me so that I’m not spending two hours a day washing, drying, folding and putting clothes away? Aside from hiring someone, which was far to costly for our budget, … Continue reading 5 Tips for Doing Laundry Quicker with Kids

Why I gave my Babies Probiotics

Both of my babies suffered from gut problems when they were born. Both suffered from colic a bit of reflux and constipation. We had literally tried everything from warm boiled water to changing the formula milk. We were completely stuck, not to mention sleep deprived due to babies being up every hour (sometimes they didn’t sleep at all). Doing some research online lead me to Probiotics. That’s when I came across Tummy Buddies Probiotic powder sachets, which are suitable for new mums, new borns, infants and children. These were a complete life saver and within a couple of days of our … Continue reading Why I gave my Babies Probiotics

December Family Update

What a year 2017 has been, we welcomed our second baby into this crazy family, my son turned 1 and had his first snow adventure this month! Our daughter now 5 months is rolling over and soon to start crawling. Sebastian is almost talking and putting phrases together. In other family news, my youngest sister started University and my middle sister qualified as a Staff nurse and graduates early next year. Despite some ups and down this year, it has been a pretty good one, lets hope 2018 is even better. Stay tuned in 2018 for Mum Hacks on the … Continue reading December Family Update

Daily Prompt: Degree

I was going to write about my degree in adult nursing but that would have been a bit boring, especially seeing as we have woken up to snow this morning. Its -1 degrees Celsius’s out there today and so far we have just over an inch of snow and its still falling. This is my 14 month old sons first experience of snow and her is mesmerised by it his first words were ‘what’s dis mama’. We will be going out in it this afternoon to help build him his very first snowman! via Daily Prompt: Degree Continue reading Daily Prompt: Degree

Marijuana use in pregnancy

My Story… I’ve been umming and erring about writing this post, mainly due to the controversial comments that are bound to arise, despite more and more countries starting to decriminalise and legalise marijuana use … ahh what the heck here goes. I fell pregnant with my son in December 2015, I was suffering with severe morning sickness and had tried everything to dissipate the nausea that struck me anytime day or night. I was struggling to keep even water down, my iron count was consistently low, I was tired and fed up. I decided to start doing some research into … Continue reading Marijuana use in pregnancy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky cat or just an asshole?

via Photo Challenge: Cheeky OK, so this is cat shaming… if you don’t know what cat shaming is let me explain… Do you have a pet (in my case a cat) that is always being ‘cheeky’ (naughty or asshole work well here too)? If you do then grab a piece of paper (or photo editing software) write down what it is your cat did and post the photo on social media. Yep its that simple, type into YouTube ‘pet shaming’ and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed, in fact I challenge you not to laugh. Behind the … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky cat or just an asshole?

Great Post from My Perfect Breakdown

I have 2 straight-up parenting questions today. First, how do we take away Little MPB’s pacifier/soother? You see, Little MPB LOVES his soother, he took to one on the second day of his life and it instantly became his thing, which was great initially because they are known to reduce SIDS, but we are well […] via Straight-Up Parenting Questions — My Perfect Breakdown Continue reading Great Post from My Perfect Breakdown